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Photosynthesis is the basis of all life on earth. NASA in it’s effort to adapt the human body to life on our space labs began researching – experimenting – and developing specific spectrum’s and wavelengths of light that heal and sustain our bodies, and of course to grow plants for consumption in space. The reason wound healing is particular important to NASA is because our astronauts, who evolved on earth, require a gravitational and electromagnetic field for their vascular system (blood flow) to move about robustly and push blood through the capillaries close to the surface of the skin. Wounds in space take months to heal because the vascular and capillary system contracts in gravity free space, as it similarly does on earth as we age. As we grow older our skin naturally looses networks of capillaries as they contract from our surface body tissue. Therefore to boost our vascular vitality a specific band width of light was developed by NASA engineers for our astronauts to use in healing wounds, scrapes, cuts, etc. as they live and work in a weightless environment. A specific frequency of Red Light was developed by NASA that penetrates the skin to the depth of our major arteries and capillaries. It heals wounds (strengthens the vascular walls) and promotes healing 200% faster. This is why the Navy Seals now carry this light in the form of a super luminous LED light stick in their field jackets.

Of course this has dramatic implications for those who have Diabetic 1 ulcers. In fact it has implications for everyone in our assisted living centers, from those who can play Bingo, to those who still want to play Bingo, and finally to those who are dealing with end of life issues. Additionally, our brain tissue is comprised of a vast network of capillaries very similar to the very sensitive tissue at the outer surface of our bodies. Red Light in the 660 nm range has the distinct ability to penetrate the skull cap and promote blood flow throughout our brain tissue.

At Solar Noon Light Salon we promote the following light therapies.

1. UVB (Vitamin D) being outdoors or in our sun beds is the best and quickest way to raise the Vitamin D in your blood.
2. Red Light Therapy (as described above).
3. Far and Near Infrared (light you can not see) it penetrates to the depth of our bones, ligaments, and cartilage. Skeletal issues.
4. Other specific band widths in the visible spectrum (used for numerous skin disorders). Blue, Amber, Green.

At Solar Noon Solarium we specialize in the professional exposure of UVB (Vitamin D) – and Infrared Light to our customers. We are searching for affiliates, customers, and associates who understand and embrace the “Team” concept of doing business. Particularly those who are inspired by promoting a healthy culture for themselves, their families, and communities.

One of our priorities is to amplify the voice of those who have the greatest and most immediate demand for these effective light therapies that are now available. The assisted living – nursing home – and geriatric demographic must be given access to these very effective FDA approved light therapies immediately. We simply can not wait another 10 years for Congressional haggling over Medicare/Medicaid budgetary constraints and austerity. We are therefore all about promoting Red Light Therapy throughout local communities to meet the growing demand for this very smart very effective solution to the vascular and circulatory health of those who have the most demanding and immediate needs for this treatment. With that objective we strive to build, and be, an effective “Team” that recognizes and rewards the talents we each possess. Would you please help us in this effort ??

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UVB | Red Light Therapy | Far and Near Infrared Light

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